State of Freedom

Old Style Globe

Who Knows Exactly All that is Going On in This World?

So, Here We Are…

Eagle, Representation of the Spirit of Freedom

How Flies The Spirit of Freedom?

Where Does Our Great Project of Liberty Stand?

E Pluribus Unum - Will The Many Still Be One When We Can't Manage the Expense Of Military Campaigns In Small Nations That Violently Offend the World Order?

America Is The Birth Place of Constitutionally Protected Freedom, Yet Now We Are Both and Example Of A Free Nation and a Part of Community of Nations Organized Around Liberty.  Why does our project lack wind in the sail?

The State of Freedom

Liberty is in a position too precarious.  Many see and know this.  The simple position of the Liberty-True Fellowship is this, “We will strengthen the presence of Freedom by teaching the truth of what it is and how to keep it.”  The international community is dearly in need of sweet clarity on a few of the key ingredients of the durability of this product.  Let us teach what must be known.