About Us

LTF is about you and all who feel a personal responsibility towards preserving and protecting our Liberty.  We are formatting this group to serve you, the United States of America and all countries having or working towards freedom for citizens protected by constitution or similar foundational document anchoring rule of law.

The Free Public

In a Republic Build Upon Rule of Law Wherein the People Have Final Power by Vote – We Believe Ourselves, As The People, To Be Possesing Inpiration That Enables Us To Do Our Part.


Originator of the LTF concept: Michele Holyfield

holyfield-facebook-cropHop to Michele’s Mercy Wave page on the Graceful Guns subdomain of the S.R.I. – Strategy Resource International web network:  Mercy Wave – Graceful Guns

Michele’s Biographical Letter on Her Role in LTF:  My Freedom

 masterson-profile-photo-crop-dec-2015LTF Field Agent:  Guy Masterson

Hop Over to Guy’s Page on Graceful Guns:   Student of Purpose

 bbops-nov-2016-s-at-head-of-table-cropLTF Secretary of Correspondence:  Suzanne Masterson

“I think of the LTF in two ways; as a fun thing to do and get together with lots of other people who share these values and as an important language and meeting opportunity for spreading a virtuous response to our gift of Freedom.”