LTF Goals

Iron Horse Non-Profit has been formed and LTF is currently a car on the train.


Goals of the Liberty-True Fellowship:

Banner for Liberty-True Fellowship

1. Complete incorporation as Non-profit.

2.  Build the LTF Board of Directors, called, “The Ring of Freedom.”  It is planned that the Ring of Freedom Board of Directors Number 5 to start and later be adjusted to 9.

3.  Build the local LTF Chapter up around 15 active members and more visiting, attending seminars and contributing to projects.

4.  To develope LTF offerings for sale generally and to & through developing chapters around the world.

A.  Clothing carries messages well, and helps provide team identification and recognition.  Boonie hats, Swetshirts, Polos and T-shirts are items we plan to offer soon.  We are planning to make available for children, “Fireheart,” the LTF mascot teddybear.  See polo in photo at right.  These feature a second embroidery on the right sleeve and dual pen pocket.  Actually handy & sporty looking.

Photo of woman on shooting range with eyes and ears

These embroidered Polos were made by 5-11 Tactical

B.  Pamphlets that explain the LTF purpose shall be printed and offered over this website.

C.  Other helpful provision will be formatted for offer that may support the spreading of the LTF message and support developing chapters.

5.  A Chapter Manual will be developed.  This will be an ongoing project and much revision will be needed as the many facets of local chapter operation are tackled and formated.

6.  Portions of the seminars, Keep Heart! & Choose To Be Valuable, will be audio recorded and added to the website.

7.  Membership and Fundrainsing parameters shall be set.

copyright 2011 Iron Horse 501c3 Non-Profit